Message From the Management

To our AMC Community,


The world and our beloved country is facing a significant challenge in curbing the COVID-19 situation. Our government was faced with a tough decision to dramatically change course in a bid to halt the virus. In the last few weeks, the world as we know it has come to a grinding halt. We are trying all we can to best support and protect our families, employees and students. It is our actions during times of uncertainty and distress that defines us. It is during such disruptive periods that helps us rethink the way we teach students to ensure our continuity of service. We are happy to bring to your notice the initiatives taken by the academic departments in AMC Engineering College and AMC College which shows our commitment to serving the student community with the limited resources on hand. Faculty members are striving hard to conduct online classes with free e-learning platforms through which learning materials can easily be shared with students. Additionally, virtual labs are being conducted using open source materials. Together we can achieve a lot more!


This page was developed to serve as a platform for everyone of you in the AMC Community to voice your ideas. We encourage all the faculty members to take up the habit of blog writing and use this platform to share your thoughts. In the coming days, we will be coming up with more ways to learn, share and discuss ideas. We would also like to hear your suggestions on how we can serve our students during this lockdown period. Send us an email with your thoughts to .

Safety and preparedness is of paramount importance right now. We urge everyone to stay indoors and not to step out of your respective homes unless it is absolutely required. Every single day counts, Therefore, it is not just about saving the world by staying at home but also about utilising the time we have to build a progressive future.



            Dr.K.R.Paramahamsa                                                                                        Rahul Kalluri

                    Chairman                                                                                        Executive Vice President 

Precautions To Take

Use a Mask

Wash Hands For At Least 20 Seconds

Avoid Touching Your Face, Eyes & Nose

'Namaskara'  > Handshakes

Practice Social Distancing

Stay at Home

Kindness Campaign

During COVID-19


Stay Home. Stay Safe.