Kindness Campaign

During this extraordinary time of the COVID-19 outbreak we are being bombarded with information about precautions, flattening the curve, statistics and all the chaos associated with the severity of the pandemic. While all this is important, we seldom hear about the work done by our doctors, healthcare workers, volunteers and even the little things individuals do to make this lockdown situation less challenging. We want to hear these stories from every one of you - small or big - be it caring for loved ones, helping those in need in your family/neighbourhood, donating to daily wage workers,  local pharmacists and grocery storekeepers who know how risky the situation is but choose to keep their shops open even when they struggle to make ends meet, friends who check in to help deal with anxiety during self - isolation, etc. Such acts of kindness shouldn't go unnoticed. This campaign is for all of such unsung heroes and bravehearts. 

This space is open to all students, staff, non teaching staff of the AMC Community and even the general public. The stories and videos you share will be posted here for the world to see. Let's inspire and motivate the people who are risking their lives to save the vulnerable. Let's fight the Coronavirus together! 

 " I heard about Dr.Nayak who is currently treating COVID-19 patients in Bhopal. He doesn't go back home after work to prevent his child and wife from being infected. He sleeps in his car which is parked right at his hospital so that he's accessible to patients anytime. This shows his responsibility and dedication towards our country. A true hero!  "

Ritesh Kumar Singh, Student - AMC Institutions

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